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Serving People with Disabilities and their families in the Capital District

Mission & Core Values


Partnering with individuals to create quality lives and opportunities for independence.


 Core Values


All persons are equal and should be treated with respect, regardless of culture, economic status or ability. We recognize and encourage the importance of being diverse.


We function best when we work together. We are all a part of a supportive network working for a common cause.


Through choice we are empowered to fulfill our goals.


We are committed to quality by striving to be the best in everything we do.


We promote growth by providing opportunities for learning and by encouraging people to reach their fullest potential.


We see innovation and productive change as a cornerstone to achieving our goals. Using our resourcefulness and creativity we get better at what we do every day.


We adhere to moral and ethical principles and in our actions we will be honest, loyal, trustworthy and responsible.