Residential Services

Exciting News!  

On behalf of the Wildwood Programs Board of Directors and The Alternative Living Group (ALG) Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce that we are pursuing a merger of our two organizations. This coming together will create an entity that will be stronger, more comprehensive and better positioned to navigate the current and anticipated fiscal and regulatory environment in which our agencies operate.

Our two organizations share much in common. ALG was founded by a small group of minority professionals in the Capital District who identified unmet needs among minorities in the Capital District who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as the needs of their families.  This group created ALG in order to ensure that those needs were met – that minority persons and their families, many of whom were at the time and remain today disenfranchised, were afforded the very best in quality supports and services regardless of their zip code. Wildwood was founded by a small group of parents who were frustrated by the lack of supports that existed for their children. That group’s initial innovation and determination created an organization that, over fifty years later, continues to provide comprehensive, innovative services to people of all ages with disabilities. The new merged entity will retain the Wildwood name. Both organizations’ existing senior and executive leadership teams will be integrated and Lou Deepe will be the CEO of the newly merged entity. Maxine George, ALG’s founding Executive Director, is retiring after a long, distinguished career.

 The result of this pursued merger will mean a significant expansion of supports and services, and, in some cases, entry into new areas of programming.

In the coming months, our communication efforts will include information sharing sessions, town hall style meetings and many formal and informal meetings to make sure that our constituents, families, stakeholders, and regulators are fully informed and ready to move forward.  We are certain that you will share our firm belief that bringing Wildwood and ALG together is the key to a better, stronger, more secure future for those we serve, their families, and our shared community. Thank you for your continued support!

 Lou Deepe, Wildwood, CEO 

Maxine George, ALG CEO 

Robin Hickey, Wildwood Board President 

Marshall Jones, ALG Board President