Residential Services

Residential Services

The Alternative Living Group, Inc. (ALG) proudly offers a variety of residential living opportunities throughout Schenectady and Albany counties in the Capital Region. We offer a person-centered focus in our residential programs that focus on improving the independence of the individuals we serve while maintaining thier health and safety. We currently offer three types of residential programs: Supervised IRAs, Supported Apartments, and a Transitional Apartments program.  All of our residentail programs are loacted within the community and focus on community inclusion. Each indiiduvdal we serve in our residentail programs actively enagages in the decision making process about their home, health, relationships, and community involvement. 

Services We Provide


Supervised IRAs

The  Alternative Living Group, Inc. offers a variety of residential living opportunities throughout Schenectady and Albany counties for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our Supervised IRAs provide 24-hour supports to all individuals who reside there. All our homes are located in residential communities.  Our Supervised IRA homes are small in size, averaging between 3-6 residents, and in most case each individual as their own bedroom. Staff provide a Person-Centered environment where individuals are actively engaged in the decision making process of their home, health, community involvement, and relationships.  The Alternattive Living Group, Inc. currently operates 14 Supervised IRAs.  

Supported Apartments

The Alternative Living Group, Inc. (ALG) offers individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live in Supported Apartments within resdential neighborhoods located in Schenectady and Albany counties in the Capital Region. Our Supported Apartments provide the individual the opportunity to live as independently as possible while still receiving consistent staffing supports based upon the individual's needs. Staff assists the individual up to twenty hours a week in actively engaging in their community while improving the person's skills at home while helping them to maintain their overall health and wellbeing. Our Supported Apartments range from one to two people per apartment. We currently oversee ten Supported Apartments. 


Transitional Apartments

The Alternative Living Group, Inc. offers a specialized Transitiontal Apartments program to assist an individual with a developmental disability in learning important skills towards independence. This program is a specialized 2-year program which begins with 24-hour supervision and supports with the focus and intent in developing the individual's skills towards independence. At the end of the 2-year program, the individual will move from our Transitional Apartments into the least restricitve setting that meets their needs.